ABC’s GOOD MORNING AMERICA to Reveal and Premiere the New MENUDO

Mario Lopez’s highly anticipated world reveal of the new MENUDO will take place on Monday, March 20, 2023.


MIAMI – March 6, 2023: From virtual castings that began in August of 2022 to in-person auditions in Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, and Miami, the members of the new MENUDO are now slated to premiere their first single and video «Mi Amore» off their upcoming debut album.
The identity of the five new members ranging from ages 10 to 15 have been a closely guarded secret by Lopez and Menudo Productions and will be the subject of an upcoming documentary covering the auditions, development and rebirth of the iconic MENUDO franchise.
Menudo Production’s Angel Zamora said, “Everyone involved in this project, including the producers, choreographers, photographers, vocal coaches and management, were required to sign NDAs and go through background checks to assure both the safety and anonymity of the boys. Each of the boys are extremely talented, and they are now ready to usher in a new era of Latin pop for the global music market.”
MENUDO’s single “Mi Amore” will be released by Mistar Entertainment and distributed worldwide by The Orchard in both English and Spanish to coincide with the group’s debut on Good Morning America and the release of their music video.
Mario Lopez said, «Deciding on the final five was harder than we ever imagined because there was so much great talent to choose from. The five boys we selected gelled together instantly, and the music they’ve created has exceeded all of our expectations. I think we have several massive hits, and I’m more excited than ever to introduce these boys to the world in two weeks.»

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